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Licensed plumbers with a passion for effective bushfire protection. 

Growing up in regional Western Victoria, WestVic’s founder Tristan Clark experienced firsthand the dangers of bushfire and ember attack to property and livelihoods. With a strong belief that comprehensive bushfire sprinkler systems are the best form of protection against bushfire, he lives and works in country Victoria as a licensed plumber, specialising in the design and installation of bushfire protection systems. 

 With over 15 years’ plumbing experience, the team at WestVic Plumbing have developed an expert understanding of the complex design and installation of fixed copper bushfire sprinkler systems. We understand that every property is different and requires a tailor-made solution to safeguard your home against the threat of bushfire. 


Frequently Asked Question

A well designed sprinkler system can be the difference between saving or losing everything you own and have worked hard for.

Every house is different and requires its own needs. A standard 260sqm house may need as many as 20 sprinklers.

This is dependent on each individual requirement and what is and isn’t available, but generally speaking a good water supply ie; storage tank or dam. A good quality, reliable firefighting pump is also necessary, along with piping sized accordingly to deliver the best water supply to each sprinkler head. 

There are two main forms of automation to control your firefighting pump, and both require a phone signal. A variety of sensors such as heat and smoke detectors to trigger the system are also available. Depending on the type of pump, other necessary requirements might be needed ie; an electric start option for a petrol pump or independent power supply for an electric pump.

Option 1: Control through a smart phone app, providing information such as pump runtimes, battery and solar charge levels, faults and routine maintenance.

Option 2: Requires a simple text message or a phone call to start or stop the fire pump.

Easiest thing to do is give us a call 0447 188 300 for advice on a variety of options, from a full-scale fixed copper sprinkler system to an individual portable sprinkler.

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Contact the WestVic Plumbing team and protect your home today.